Launching: November 2021 Draw date: May 2022

Your participation will help us continue the legacy of George Bizos, by contributing to- wards future Scholarships and Bursaries through the GBSSBF at SAHETI School.

200 tickets available – Art Legacy Raffle ticket price: R 2,000.00

We aim to sell 200 tickets at R2,000.00 each, collecting an amount of R400,000. Of the total collected, R350,000 will go towards GBSSBF Scholarships & Bursaries and R 50,000 will go towards the GBSSBF arts legacy platform.

William Kentridge hand-finished etching. Valued at R 25,000.

Title: Brown Madder Edition size: 12
Edition number: 6/12 Paper size: 52cm x 40cm Signed by the artist.

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Corporate Package

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10 chances to win a William Kentridge print valued at R 25,000.

The GBSSBF Art Legacy project

Fulfilling George Bizos’ wishes for the future

George Bizos’ legacy lives on through the GBSSBF’s advancement of the arts and sports, which he believed form an integral part of a true Hellenic education. The GBSSBF will be commissioning two portraits of George Bizos, by artist Yannis Generalis, to become part of SAHETI’s and the LRC’s permanent collection. This decision is based on advocate Bizos’ wish to have each of these works displayed in the two institutions closest to his heart.

Title: Rubberstamping George Bizos Edition size: 6
Paper size: 155cm x 120cm
Signed by the artist.

In 2013, Generalis created a portrait of George Bizos by using rubber ink stamps of peo- ple that Bizos had represented in court. He defended Steve Biko, Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo, Govan Mbeki, Walter Sisulu, Ahmed Timol, Neil Aggett, Albert Luthuli & Solomon Mahlangu, amongst others. The artist designed their faces digitally, which were then la- ser-cut into rubber stamps. These were used to rubber-stamp Bizos’ image on paper. The works speak to the Legacy of democracy that George Bizos helped build.

These works are issued as EV (edition variable) /6, and are produced by hand.
The works are valued at R60,000 each. The artist has offered to produce the works for the GBSSBF at a reduced rate, representing a donation of 65%.

Your patronage assists us in creating future legacies through education.

The George Bizos SAHETI Scholarship & Bursary Fund Bank: First National Bank (FNB)
Swift code : FIRNZJJ
Account number : 62842065155
Branch code : 252155
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